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Alex the Ripper

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Voice Post: Okay this one is stupid don't listen to it [Nov. 15th, 2006|02:32 am]
Alex the Ripper
234K 1:12
“over a minute of me basically shouting out to Negability people and saying Canadian words.”

Transcribed by: waterstrider
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Voice Post: Juvenal, Satire I [Nov. 15th, 2006|01:54 am]
Alex the Ripper
268K 1:20
“Semper ego auditor tantum? numquamne reponam
uexatus totiens rauci Theseide Cordi?
inpune ergo mihi recitauerit ille togatas,
hic elegos? inpune diem consumpserit ingens
Telephus aut summi plena iam margine libri 5
scriptus et in tergo necdum finitus Orestes?
nota magis nulli domus est sua quam mihi lucus
Martis et Aeoliis uicinum rupibus antrum
Vulcani; quid agant uenti, quas torqueat umbras
Aeacus, unde alius furtiuae deuehat aurum 10
pelliculae, quantas iaculetur Monychus ornos,
Frontonis platani conuolsaque marmora clamant
semper et adsiduo ruptae lectore columnae.
expectes eadem a summo minimoque poeta.
et nos ergo manum ferulae subduximus, et nos 15
consilium dedimus Sullae, priuatus ut altum
dormiret. stulta est clementia, cum tot ubique
uatibus occurras, periturae parcere chartae.”

Transcribed by: waterstrider
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I have had this same journal since 2004. [Sep. 28th, 2006|12:28 pm]
Alex the Ripper
Which shocks me a little, considering my well-known mania for creating new journals.

I do, however, seriously intend to abandon this one. I won't delete it, at least not until I've cannibalised all the posts I want to keep.

I could go into enormous detail here, but why? As Jane Siberry said, "Time to." is a good enough answer.

I'll make a filtered post giving away the seeeeeekrit location of the new journal to select people. If you did not "make the cut" or whatever, a list of possible reasons:
- I picked you up way early on when my interests and personality were very different, and politeness/apathy kept me from culling you
- you've been bugging me for awhile but not enough for me to flip out about it
- you're cool but you never comment and may well live on a different planet from me
- you're cool but you post way too much on things I don't care about
- you're cool but you never post so I won't be missing much
- you're not cool but you almost never post so I gave you a pass
- you're not cool but you're condescending enough that I feel sort of defensive about defriending you
- you're not cool but you're such a good human being that I feel bad about not being interested in you

[edit: another reason - you're cool and I enjoy reading you sometimes but for God's sakes I don't want to have to get up to skip=100 every day.]

That about covers everything. Let it never be said that I'm not honest. (Although, pro-tip, I'm usually not. This time is special.) The people who dwell on a different planet from me make up the majority of the people I no longer care to read every day -- nor do I want them commenting with their moon-man concerns that have nothing to do with me.

If any of this hurts your feelings, please remember that somehow in all of this therapy and soul-searching I've never managed to remove my basic mean streak, nor the natural selfishness which is an artefact of original sin. I'm not a good person. Most of you (I'd say all, but I have my doubts about some) are better people than me. If you feel like that's not a good enough answer, like you've given me something that I've never reciprocated, you're probably right and I'm sorry BUT DAMN IT I no longer want to be tied to you for that. Get your payback from karma or something. Not from me.

When I have been suicidal, if I could have taken up residence in someone else's body instead of dying, I would have chosen that. With the usual middle-class-first-world-privilege caveats, I suppose. To be able to be someone else, to really change, is what I want more than anything else. It's what I'm going after when I write and what keeps me coming back to religion. And you can't do it without cutting things away.

I never really have the guts to throw it all away when it comes to faith, but by God I can change my fucking livejournal.

Beauty on,
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I am just going to rape this meme so hard. [Sep. 24th, 2006|02:23 am]
Alex the Ripper
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people.

At me tum primum saevus circumstetit horror.
Obstipui; subiit cari genitoris imago,
ut regem aequaevum crudeli vulnere vidi
vitam exhalantem; subiit deserta Creusa
et direpta domus et parvi casus Iuli.
Respicio et quae sit me circum copia lustro.
Deseruere omnes defessi, et corpora saltu
ad terram misere aud ignibus aegra dedere.

"'But first an awful horror surrounded me.
I stood agape; the image of my dear father arose before me,
as I looked upon the king, of equal age, breathe out his life under a cruel wound;
the forsaken Creusa, the ravaged house and the fate of little Iulus arose.
I look back and survey the forces around me.
All, worn out, have deserted, and sent their wounded bodies
with a leap to the ground or given themselves to the flames.'"

Isn't that last sentence a fucking bitch? I had to check the Loeb translation to make any sense out of it. Way to combine obscure verb forms with weird imagery, Verge.

This, for non-Classics-geeks, is what I mean when I complain of Vergil being depressing, by the way. It's pretty much all like this.

I tag YOU.

Also, John Henderson is on crack. You may like him. I was paging through Writing Down Rome in the library this afternoon and caught sight of his coked-up ramblings about Juvenal presiding over a grim zombiepocalyptic Rome filled with the staggering revenants of Nero and Messalina, while vampiric clients act as parasites on the economy and monsters stalk the streets. And I completely understood what he meant. No, srsly. There's a lot of the monster-movie grotesque in Juvenal.

OF COURSE there needs to be a Rome-themed Dead Rising sort of deal. But, as I was lamenting this evening, the Romans did not go in for whole-body burial nearly enough (if at all? I am hazy on whether it was ever done) to make a zombiepocalypse feasible. UNLESS it were all Jewish zombies. And perhaps some other barbarians/Orientals/whatevs. Wouldn't that fucking kick ass, a foretaste of the sacking of Rome done with zombies? Wouldn't that sum up the 2nd-4th century attitudes towards immigration so well? I am spurting just thinking about it. I'll film Juvenal's satires one day and then you'll all see. Full of zombies and giant fish and masturbating kids in a classroom and a ranting asshole posturing in front of his moving van.

I need to get some more Rome fags on my flist so that I'm not just talking to myself on these questions. Recommend me some people.

I'm vaguely against cremation just because I think it limits zombie possibilities, honestly. I would not mind being a zombie.

Anyway, I was talking (sort of) about John Henderson.
The Roman Book of Gardening
Writing Down Rome: Satire, Comedy, and Other Offences in Latin Poetry
Fighting for Rome

I weep because scholarly books are so expensive and Stauffer gets in so little material on Roman comedy. Go to hell, Stauffer. Go to zombie Roman hell.

fourteen satires, in-fucking-deed. grumble grmuble...
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Let me know if you understand what this is [Sep. 23rd, 2006|01:21 am]
Alex the Ripper
Or if it induces psychosis and you want me to pay for your hospitalisation bills.


[01:25] Foreign Le Hand: how can you have explanation? the thing erased all traces of thought from my mind
[01:25] Foreign Le Hand: i only just realised
[01:25] Foreign Le Hand: you could SO USE IT TO BRAINWASH PEOPLE
[01:25] semperegoauditor: maybe it already brainwashed us
[01:25] Foreign Le Hand: tell them anything and they'd believe it
[01:25] Foreign Le Hand: ...
[01:25] semperegoauditor: do you feel like killing the president maybe?
[01:25] semperegoauditor: I kind of do.
[01:25] Foreign Le Hand: can't really use that to justify. already did beforehadn
[01:25] Foreign Le Hand: hand*
[01:25] flammeglorieuse: *won't get in your way?*
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even the artwork for the albums I'm ashamed of [Sep. 20th, 2006|03:54 am]
Alex the Ripper
Yeah, thanks, iTunes. I really needed another thing to get obsessive about re: my music collection. Now I can sort by album artwork and realise how many of the full albums I own do not have their artwork downloaded.

And the iTunes store has some weird omissions in the album artwork it has. Like it had trouble with Abbey Road for some reason. This is basically a feature that will appeal only to people with mild OCD, and they can't even get it right.

Still dozy and scratchy-throated and cranky. Vergil can eat my ass. Fucking Anchises doesn't even tell them anything useful.
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deruyftrgjjgyibjo [Sep. 18th, 2006|12:49 pm]
Alex the Ripper
[I'm feeling really |sicksick]

I hab a code. A code id by node. I think the alcohol is probably the only effective ingredient in cough syrup. I should just drink Bailey's instead and see if that doesn't make me feel better.

Asshole on the other side of my wall decided to start playing Sinatra (or someone of that vintage) really loud at 5 in the morning. I pounded weakly on the wall. He stopped. What makes someone think this is a good idea at that hour, but this motivation to play torch songs dissipates with his neighbour's displeasure? That came out all Nyquilly, but my point is that if he didn't think of sleeping people WHEN HE PUT IT ON, why did he turn it off? Did it take him that long to cotton on? I don't know. I do not.

Some guys slowed their truck to ask me where a good strip club was in town. When I said I didn't know, they asked about a Kelsey's.


I hope that I make more sense by the time it's time for Greek History.
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As always, I accept no lame copout answers [Sep. 16th, 2006|12:59 am]
Alex the Ripper
Like "it's your decision" or "don't ask the internet what to do with your body" or "I like flowers."

If I got my lip pierced, I would be:

a giant distended goatse-like asshole
a Hot Topic lamer
desperate to pick up chicks
foolish for prudential health-type reasons
Other - please detail

I think facial piercings are rather hot in moderation (i.e., just one) and the labret has always been my favourite, despite my propensity to pronounce it "lah-bret", as anyone with a good Classical education would. Ahem.

But since it costs money and everything, I can be talked out of it. So go nuts.
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Characterising Juvenal: part III [Sep. 14th, 2006|11:57 pm]
Alex the Ripper
[I'm feeling really |tiredshould totally be in bed]

negability players have noticed that I lean pretty heavily on the food angle in the game, portraying Juvenal as a bit of a gourmand. Reasons for this (and possible objections) follow.
Read more...Collapse )
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God, I hate this "new look" on LJ [Sep. 14th, 2006|07:39 pm]
Alex the Ripper
Change is bad! Do not change the look of the site I'm accustomed to using! BAD!

The Hidden Cameras were lovely the other night, and they threw candy at the audience. Spiral Beach were INCREDIBLE (holy bejesus a Canadian band with actual showmanship I can't believe it) and full of fluffy Jewfros and a hot girl and another hot dykey girl on bass. So check out http://www.myspace.com/spiralbeach. Kinda Deerhoof/Metric? I guess? They have a song about philosophy (well okay not really) and us philosophy majors got a shoutout. Laura Barrett also cute.

Pius Aeneas is like a "Lady Madonna"-esque single mother, according to Dr Kilpatrick.

This is good weather for hot toddies.
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